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Mike Chiavario
Classmate:  Mike Chiavario
Location:   Bellingham, WA

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I am in two years from retiring in my second career, systems maintenance. My first career, after my hippy period, was nursing.
I have two children, Forest, 37, and Katy, 19. I have two grandchildren, Rowan, 19, and Arrow, 8.
I have been married to my second wife, Mary for 30 years. She is a beautiful. kind, and accepting person whom I love deeply.
Forest operates a successful local construction company and he is a great Dad. He recently helped me move my Dad, Vic out here from Centralia.
Katy is going back to college after a year traveling in Europe and India. We accompanied her on the first month of her India trip (probably my last overseas trip-its hard on an old codger!). She is a beautiful, caring and idealistic young woman, who still doesn't mind living with her parents. We love it.
Rowan is a CNA in a nursing home. I am pleased with her compassionate heart.
Arrow is an amazing creative and smart boy who almost didn't his very premature birth, but for the love and care of his parents.
I look forward to having more time and energy top put into things that have meaning to me after retirement -conservation and progressive politics. I love my town of 45 years, Bellingham, Washington.