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Classmate Updates:
Darrel Grathwohl 9/21/13
Kevin Pelaez 9/19/13
Glenda Wesley 9/12/13
Kathy Boston 9/11/13
Ron Casseday 9/11/13
Janice Marth 9/11/13
Charles Pugh 9/11/13
Linda Bierman 9/10/13
Barry Krupp 9/10/13
Danny Parkinson 9/10/13
Don Pettygrove 9/10/13
Jane Nall 9/9/13
Danny Smith 9/8/13
Mike Chiavario 9/7/13
Alice Gowler 9/7/13
Marvin Grote 9/7/13
Ronald Hays 9/7/13
Pam Hudgens 9/7/13
Margaret Ann Kluck 9/7/13
Doug Marshall 9/7/13
Kurt Miller 9/7/13
Melissa Scoles 9/7/13
Peggy Shahan 9/7/13
Mark Vogel 9/7/13
Rose Mary Austin 9/6/13
Ty Baker 9/6/13
Meg Hoxworth 9/6/13
Janette Test 9/6/13
David White 9/6/13
Archie Harris 9/4/13
Rosemary Fairchild 9/3/13
Karen Kent 9/3/13
Melody Parkinson 9/2/13
Jeanne Roller 9/2/13
Panna Magoulias 9/1/13
Frances Walker 9/1/13
Ruth A.Fortmeyer 8/31/13
Marsha McClain 8/31/13
Elizabeth Ford 8/31/13
Linda Hake 8/31/13
Janet Lundborg 8/31/13
Gail Straith 8/31/13
Steve York 8/31/13
Renee Cox 8/30/13
Steve Jones 8/30/13
Linda Walker 8/30/13


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Welcome classmates, visitors and friends!

9/30/2013: Our 45th Reunion-- The Photo Album for our Reunion has arrived. All we need is your photos. Login and add your photos.

7/29/2013: Reunion Update Updated information about the Class of 68 Reunion and a reminder to send in your information. See note below for a link to reunion registration form.

6/7/2013: Information for the 45 year reunion has been mailed or emailed.You may download a copy of the information and registration form here.

Classmates: You may log in to your Class of '68 web site any time and update your own information and your very own profile page.

Please Help! We don't want to leave anyone out!
We need your help! The "Who's Missing" list has been updated (4/14/08). Please look and tell us anything you know.
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